Sisters - Food Cart

Sisters - Food Cart

Kid Made Camp  - -  Sisters, Oregon

Grades K-4 and Grades 5-8

Sunday 9:30am to 2:30pm



Can kids learn to cook and serve at a real, certified food cart? Can they sell to real people in their community?  They sure can, with the right training and experience.

Step right up for our Sisters Food Cart Camp, now happening in July and August. 


Campers will put all of their knowledge together for a practical experience of customer service, cash handling, and cooking. All the kids will split tips earned, along with profits made from items sold.

Participants learn:


  • How to manage money
  • Making change
  • How to cost out products
  • Product packaging and display
  • Food safety
  • Customer service
  • The benefits and downfalls of entrepreneurship
  • Leadership and team-building
  • and so much more


  • COVID 19 considerations

    We will do our best to take precautions necessary in regard to COVID 19.  This will include hand washing and sanitizing, education around sanitation, mask wearing when necessary and appropriate.  
    if you have specific questions and concerns, please let me know prior to camp.  


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