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Is your child a budding businessperson? Restauranteur, artist, designer, or cook? At Kid Made Camp, kids make crafty creations and fabulous foods, then sell their wares at the farmers market. They make art, writing, comics, and recipes to publish in the local newspaper and homemade books. They learn valuable life skills along the way—and have a whole lot of fun. Look for our Kid Made Food Cart at Central Oregon farmers markets!




Kid Made Entrepreneur Camp is a summer day camp in Central Oregon. We make crafts and food, design our own packaging, and sell our wares from our Kid Made Booth. It's fun, creative, and collaborative. Young entrepreneurs feel empowered by making real products and earning real money. Campers learn from experienced artists, farmers, bankers, chefs, business owners, marketing experts, and more. 

Kid Made Camp fosters a strong work ethic, teaches people skills, and helps children understand the value of money and time. We take time for socializing and outdoor play, too. We have camps in Sisters, Oregon and Bend, Oregon for children entering kindergarten through 8th grade (elementary school, grade school and middle school, K-8). 



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Kid Made Camp offers kids of all ages the chance to make something real with their own hands, and then share it with their community. At our summer day camps and farmers market booths, your child might learn to cook, run a food cart, produce a newspaper, design sustainable packaging, or put on a show. All along, kids learn how business can be a positive force in the world, promoting values like sustainability, creativity, and ethical entrepreneurship. 


 ​We spend a lot of time outdoors. Nature is an inspiration for our creative work, and the source for our food ingredients!


Young entrepreneurs of all ages feel empowered by making real products and earning real money. Campers learn from experienced entrepreneurs, chefs, artists, writers, editors, farmers, bankers, marketing experts, and more. Our work fosters a strong work ethic, teaches people skills, and helps children understand the value of money and time. It's fun, creative, and collaborative! 



In every Kid Made Camp, experts in business, food, and craft share real-world insights and knowledge. Campers of all ages have the opportunity to learn and ask questions from experienced entrepreneurs, farmers, bankers, chefs, and more! Our guest experts include:


  • Mid Oregon Credit Union (Banking, Saving, & Charity)

  • Plazm Design (Marketing & Branding)

  •  Water Cup Counseling (Art) 

  • Seed to Table (Growing & Potting)

  • Simple N Fresh (Food Cart)


Special thanks to Marc Madron, Wendy Bachmeier, Audrey Tehan,  and our other experts! 



There's more to life—and business—than metrics and revenues. Values matter! They keep business honest, interesting, and meaningful. The Five Magic Words guide our camps, classes,  farmers market booths, and other experiences for young entrepreneurs, artists, and makers.



We've fallen in love with the real world. Local gatherings. Face-to-face friendships. Home-grown foods and handmade crafts. We believe in real-life relationships, mother nature, and plain ol' fun! We use technology only where appropriate and necessary. 



Wholesome, happy, and healthy. That's how we like to see our kids. Heck, we want that for ourselves, too. To get there, we need healthful foods, exercise, group play, and plenty of time outdoors. Kid Made kids connect, learn, and play the old-fashioned way: with each other, out in the sunshine. 



We're getting our hands dirty! Hands-on creativity ignites passion and empowers all makers—children, teens, and grownups alike. We learn to collaborate with others and express ourselves. Creativity doesn't just mean art, writing, craft, or design. It's a staple ingredient in idea-hatching and problem-solving of all kinds.



Let's build a business that lasts—and respects Planet Earth. "Slow business" practices promote personal growth, business stability, and ecological awareness. It's important to ask: How do we source foods and craft materials? Where does our recycling go? Financial and environmental sustainability are both important.



We believe in Ethical Entrepreneurship. Business should serve people, not the other way around. Ethical entrepreneurs strive to be as honest, inclusive, and useful as we can within the constraints of capitalism. Are we acting with integrity? Are we giving back to our community? Does our business cause unintentional harm? These questions need to be asked.

Kid Made Camp students are positioned to become the sustainable artisans, B-Corp CEOs, and visionary retailers of tomorrow. They might start a cottage industry while being a stay-at-home, work-at-home mom or dad. They might take over the family firm and improve its carbon footprint. Or they might helm a Public Benefit Corporation with profits in the billions.


The Five Magic Words provide kids with a firm foundation for living well and making smart choices, whether or not they ever start a business. Grownup entrepreneurs are welcome to try these values, too. Applying decent values to our work, we can all make our markets healthier and happier!




Empowering children with knowledge of food, kitchen tools, preparation, cleanup, and health (not to mention the power of deliciousness) brings our founder joy! Angelena cooks and teaches at:

  • Cascades Academy

  • Seven Peaks

  • Central Oregon Locavore

  • Bend Prep Kitchen

  • Whole Foods Market

  • SPRD (Sisters Parks & Recreation District)

  • Sisters Elementary School

  • Black Butte School

  • Circle of Friends

  • Deschutes Public Library

  • Kid Made Camp 


In Chef Angelena's cooking classes, kids are excited to make their own simple foods, things they can prepare at home later with their families. They also love to build delicious treats out of healthy building blocks: folding veggies into rice-paper rolls, stuffing kale into the blender for smoothies, and making pizza dough from scratch. Knowing how to set a table properly or chop ingredients gives kids a sense of pride.

Kid Made camps and classes are great for kids interested in art, crafts, cooking, baking, food, business, entrepreneurship, farming, sales, marketing, graphic design, photography, branding, charity, community, sustainability, the environment, and having a whole lot of fun. We have day camps and classes in Sisters, Oregon and Bend, Oregon for children entering kindergarten through 8th grade (elementary school, grade school and middle school, K-8). To help low income kids join in the fun and learning, we partner with local organizations and maintain our own Kid Made Scholarship Fund. 


Angelena’s name is pronounced English-style (“Ange-uh-LEENa”), but she speaks Spanish and is happy to adapt classes and workshops for Spanish speakers. 


Angelena:  angelena (at)       


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